what are dividends in derivatives indices?

Dividends on derivatives indices provide an additional income stream that can be earned by holding long positions on specific index derivatives. These dividends are based on the dividend payments made by the constituent companies within the index. With this new feature, you have the opportunity to benefit from dividend payouts while trading derivatives on popular indices.

Key Benefits

Additional Income
Additional Income

Earn dividend income by holding long positions on derivatives indices, boosting your overall trading performance.


With dividend payments added to your derivatives trading, you can diversify your investment portfolio and explore new avenues for generating returns.

Enhanced Trading Strategies
Enhanced Trading Strategies

The inclusion of dividends on derivatives Indices allows you to develop more sophisticated trading strategies. Consider dividend payouts and their potential impact on market sentiment and stock prices when making your trading decisions.

How dividends will be handled

Long Positions
Long Positions

When you hold a long position on a derivative index that is eligible for dividends, you will receive a dividend adjustment credited to your trading account. The dividend adjustment is calculated based on the dividend amount and the number of derivatives contracts held. It's important to note that dividend adjustments may vary depending on market conditions and the specific index derivatives.

Short Positions
Short Positions

On the other hand, if you hold a short position on an eligible derivative index, a dividend adjustment will be deducted from your trading account. Similar to long positions, the dividend adjustment for short positions is calculated based on the dividend amount and the number of derivatives contracts held.

eligible indices

Symbol Description Tuesday February 13 Wednesday February 14 Thursday February 15 Friday February 16 Monday February 19 Server time
DE30 Germany DAX 30 Index 23:57:00
UK100 FTSE UK 100 Index 12.947734 23:57:00
US500 US S&P 500 0.92953 1.131783 0.80051 0.176216 23:57:00
UT100 NASDAQ US Tech 100 Index 3.261077 1.875182 0.490326 23:57:00
US30 US Dowjones 30 Index 4.943071 35.524207 9.490697 23:57:00
EU50 EURO Stoxx 50 Index 0.222842 23:57:00
HK50 HK Hang Seng 50 Index 23:57:00
ESP35 Spain 35 Cash Index 23:57:00
JPN225 Japan Nikkei 225 Index 23:57:00
FRA40 France CAC40 Index 0.622017 23:57:00
CHINA50 China SSE50 Index 23:57:00
AU200 ASX 200 Index 1.438283 0.877289 3.609322 23:57:00
SMI Switzerland Blue Chip Index 23:57:00
MSCI Singapore Blue Chip Index 23:57:00
Risk and Considerations:

While dividends can provide additional income, it's important to note that trading derivatives involves risk, and dividend payments are subject to market conditions and individual company decisions. Prior to making any trading decisions, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research and considering the potential risks associated with derivatives trading.